San Francisco International Film Festival: Family Shorts


April 26, 2014 | 10:15 a.m.

Sundance Kabuki Cinema

Travel from Kenya to Korea—and a few imaginary destinations in between—in this collection of short films for kids and families. A bear tries to find his old hat, a pig tries to make a new friend, a little girl tries to make her way through the streets of Seoul and the Oscar-winning animators of Moonbot Studios bring us two new films about making magical things: the alphabet and the movies.

Total Running Time 77 min
Recommended for ages 6 and up

From herding cattle to learning arithmetic, witness a day in the life of a Maasai boy living in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya. (Jonah Rosenthal, USA 2013, 5 min)

The Dam Keeper
A tale of bullying, friendship, pollution and a very important but underappreciated pig, told through a beautiful blend of hand-drawn animation and digital painting. (Robert Kondo & Daisuke ‘Dice’ Tsutsumi, USA 2013, 18 min) In GGA Competition
This is a Cinema by the Bay film

I Want My Hat Back
A bear goes in search of his missing chapeau in this animated rendering of Jon Klassen’s classic children’s book. (Galen Fott, USA 2013, 9 min) In GGA Competition

My Mom Is an Airplane
Everyone thinks their mom is the coolest, but one boy takes his maternal appreciation to new heights in this imaginative mix of aviation and animation. (Yulia Aronova, Russia/USA 2013, 7 min) In GGA Competition

The Numberlys
The Oscar-winning directors of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (SFIFF 2011) reimagine the creation of the alphabet by a crew of factory workers living in a drab world filled only with numbers. (Brandon Oldenburg & William Joyce, USA 2013, 12 min) In GGA Competition

Moonbot Studios and Dolby Labs team up to create this charming tribute to movie making as two cinema-loving entertainers discover how sound and picture work together to create movie magic. (Brandon Oldenburg, Limbert Fabian, USA 2014, 3 min)

Soup of the Day
This lively musical morsel will be savored by anyone who has ever dined with a very picky eater. (Lynn Smith, Canada 2013, 4 min)

Unbeknownst to her family, seven-year-old Bora embarks on a solo mission through the streets of Seoul to secure bean sprouts for an ancestral ceremony for her grandfather, meeting some surprising characters along the way. (Yoon Ga-eun, South Korea 2013, 19 min) In Korean with English subtitles. In GGA Competition
–Joanne Parsont


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