CAMPBELL: Ainsley House Visitor Center

New Exhibit Opens at Ainsley House Visitor Center
Coming of Age: Campbell High School Throughout the Decades

Thursday, March 05, 2015 – 12:00pm

Ainsley House Visitor Center, Campbell

Opening March 5, 2015, explore the evolution of the teenager through the lens of Campbell High School from 1938, the year the new Campbell High School building opened, through 1980, when the school closed. The word “Teenager” did not exist before the 1940s. The concept that teens were a distinct group with their own beliefs, desires, and identity developed around World War II, and by the 1950s, teenagers were a well-defined social group with their own fashion, music, and entertainment. What was it like to be a teen in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s? From World War II to the Vietnam War from the roots of rock n’ roll to the moon landing- what were the big issues that concerned teens? How did they dress? What music did they dance to? Most importantly, what was it like to be a teenager in Campbell? Coming of Age: Campbell High School throughout the Decade will examine these questions using yearbooks, artifacts and memorabilia from the students who attended Campbell High School.

Upcoming Exhibit Reception: Join us for an exhibit reception and activities in the Carriage House on Saturday, March 14th from 2-4pm.



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