SUNNYVALE: Butcher’s Corner


Upcoming Meeting: December 13, 2016: City Council Public Hearing (EIR and Project)



The project site, referred to as the “Butcher property”, is located on the southwest corner of E. El Camino Real and S. Wolfe Road and extends along E. Fremont Avenue. The site is approximately 5 acres in size and has historically been used for agricultural and residential uses. The site is currently developed with two homes. The site was previously an unincorporated “island” of Santa Clara County. The site has since been annexed into the City of Sunnyvale. The site is currently zoned R-3/ECR (Medium Density/Precise Plan for El Camino Real) and designated Residential High Density (RHI) in the General Plan.

The adjacent property located at the southwest corner of E. Fremont Avenue and S. Wolfe Road, referred to as the “corner office property”, has also been incorporated into the project site. The property is less than half an acre in size and is currently developed with a two-story medical (dental) office building. The site is currently zoned C-1/ECR (Neighborhood Commercial/Precise Plan for El Camino Real) and is also designated RHI in the General Plan.


The developer (DeAnza Properties) submitted a formal application in July 2014 to redevelop the Butcher property. The original application was for 153 residential units (39 townhomes ad 114 apartment units) plus 6,936 square feet of retail/office use. The project required rezoning of the property from R-3/ECR to R-4/ECR (High Density Residential/Precise Plan for El Camino Real) to obtain the requested density of approximately 30 units per acre.

In July 2016, the developer submitted revised project plans. The current application now includes 138 residential units, consisting of 39 townhomes and 99 apartment units, and 6,934 square feet of retail/office use. The project also includes redevelopment of the corner office property into common open space for residents of the development. The application includes a Rezone for the corner office property from C-1/ECR to R-3/ECR, and approval of a Special Development Permit and Vesting Tentative Map. The Butcher property would remain at R-3/ECR. A copy of the current project plans is below.
Project Plans, Dated July 2016


An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is being prepared to evaluate the potential impacts of the proposed project, which is funded by the applicant and contracted by the City of Sunnyvale. The purpose of an EIR is to evaluate the potential impacts of the proposed project. Comments regarding the environmental analysis were provided by the public and other agencies during the 30-day Notice of Preparation (NOP) review period (March 26 to April 27, 2015). In addition, a public scoping meeting of the EIR was held on April 23, 2015, at City Hall in the Council Chambers. Below is information from the NOP and Scoping Meeting:

March 26, 2015 to April 27, 2015: Notice of Preparation 30-Day Public Review Period
Notice of Preparation
Initial Study Checklist
NOP Summary of Comments

April 23, 2015: EIR Scoping Meeting
Scoping Meeting Notice
Scoping Meeting Staff Presentation
Scoping Meeting Comments

The Draft EIR is now available for public review and comment (April 8 to May 23, 2016). A Planning Commission public hearing to accept public comments on the Draft EIR is scheduled for May 9, 2016 (see public notice above). The Draft EIR and related materials are available below. Hard copies are also available for review at City Hall, the Sunnyvale Public Library, and the Sunnyvale Community Center. Following receipt of all written comments on the Draft EIR, the City of Sunnyvale will prepare Responses to Comments as part of the Final EIR, which will be considered and acted upon by the City of Sunnyvale’s Planning Commission and City Council in July or August 2016. The City of Sunnyvale will provide notification of future public meetings to individuals and agencies that have requested to be included on the project interest list.

April 8, 2016 to May 23, 2016: Draft EIR 45-Day Public Comment Period
Notice of Availability
Draft EIR
Draft EIR Appendices

Final EIR:
The Final EIR, including the formal Response to Comments and corrections to the Draft EIR is now available. A download of the Final EIR and related materials can be found below and hard copies are available for review at City Hall, the Sunnyvale Public Library and at the Sunnyvale Community Center.

Final EIR
Final EIR Appendices


Comments, questions and concerns should be directed to Noren Caliva-Lepe, Senior Planner, at (408) 730-7659 or via e-mail.

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