The Perfect Place

By Stephanie Turcotte Edenholm

Illustrated by D.J. Jackson

Every year, millions of monarch butterflies fly thousands of miles down the east coast of the United States to spend the winter in Mexico. This book is not about their magnificent journey. Instead, this light-hearted tale is about the equally magnificent annual western migration of Mozzie, one of the many thousands of monarchs who make their way from the northwestern United States to one of the many perfect places along the California coast. To help answer some of the questions Mozzie has about the fascinating world of monarchs, she elicits the help of her funny and self-assured monarch friend Mack. Follow along with Mozzie as she experiences the phenomenal and often challenging life of an overwintering monarch butterfly. Along the way, Mozzie will inspire children and adults alike to protect and preserve the critical habitat of the monarch butterfly.

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